Hugger. Film Lover. Earl Grey tea drinker.

Hello there! I'm Sharron. It's good to meet you! 

So yes, hugger, mother, lover of films and Earl Grey is by far the most superior of teas!

What else? I married the most talented, optimistic and kindest of souls in our back garden in 2014, watched by a handful of friends and family. It rained. All day. And I hardly noticed. It was perfect. 

My crazy loons. A boy, William, 11, and little girl, Greta, 6. They are my world. Crazy, hard work, full of beans from 6am, but my world. Parenting will set up for many things in life - lack of sleep is one of them you should be warned about!

You should also know that I adore Tori Amos, Kate Bush, the Decemberists and musicals. I can often be heard belting out show tunes on my way home from a wedding!

And, oh yes. Rather importantly, I'm obsessed with light, finding it and looking at it. I love just watching different qualities of light and seeing how it moves and changes the world. Which leads rather nicely to this bit...

Thoughts about photography...

You aren't born a photographer and it's not a job everyone can do. I certainly wasn't born a photographer with camera in hand, but my life journey has made me realise it's a thing I need to do and luckily, it's something I love doing.

My photography journey didn't begin when I picked up a camera. It began longer ago than that. It began with my dad, who had the most incredible memory and memory recall. He was amazing at Trivial Pursuit, unbeatable! And my mum, who always had the most dreadful memory. These two things growing up led me to always want to remember things – just in case a) I might need them (especially if I wanted to win at Trivial Pursuit!) or b) one day I might not be able to remember them.

It shaped how I saw the world around me, it shaped me as a person. My need to understand and remember.

I studied history and journalism at university and then went to work as a news producer at BBC News Online. I wasn't really a "news" person and looked into other things I could do. I left the BBC and went to study photojournalism at the London College of Communication. I fell in love with photographing weddings along the way. The people I met, the stories I got to tell, the emotions, the beauty – I felt like this was what I was supposed to be doing – my life's journey realised.

I truly believe that being a photographer isn't just about having a nice camera and knowing how to use it, it comes from a place much deeper than that. It comes from how the world has shaped you, it comes from the core of who you are and how you live your life. It's part of my being to tell other people's stories and I choose to do it visually, beautifully and with love.

Here's a few photos from my life!

Our pool
Forest Holiday-13
Our swimming pool
G in her golden boots
Forest Holiday-20
Forest Holiday-15
Greta Craziness-22
She is fierce!
Forest Holiday-7
Greta drinking tea!