Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.
Camille Pissarro

My family sessions are based around YOU and YOUR family. I want to capture YOUR FAMILY story.  Your gorgeous personalities, the characters and the fun you have as a family. Your family life in all it’s glorious chaos – tantrums, tears, belly laughs and all those moments that make your life YOURS.

I like to keep sessions “unscripted” as possible. This is about family time, your family together, in the moment and having fun. It may involve running around at the park, bouncing on the bed, baking biscuits, bouncing on the trampoline, a shopping trip...whatever your family is doing, I'll just be there capturing the action: the happiness, the moments. I really believe that these crazy family moments are the best - no posing - just your beautiful family as you - and your children - will remember it!

The best thing about these sessions are there is no formal posing. No spending ages trying to get the kids to smile - or wear that pretty top that they hate! I just capture your crazy, beautiful, chaotic family - in all their tantruming, silly, sulky, stomping, belly laughing, beauty! No fuss, no posing, just your normal beautiful life.

Have a look through my gallery or blog posts to see what we get up to and get in touch if you are interested in booking in a session.