13 May, 2018

Bastide de Puget, Provence, France - Destination Wedding Photography

Oh my gosh, this wedding makes my heart sing. It's so achingly beautiful and yet so simple. Stunning venue, relaxed atmosphere, great friends and family along with amazing food; oh, and not forgetting to mention the awesome dancing! You guys know how to party and organise a fantastic wedding too!

Rachel and Pierre-Marie choose the stunning venue of Bastide de Puget and it's easy to see why. Set amongst the serene Provence countryside, Bastide de Puget is a homely retreat, beautifully decorated inside with a lovely, relaxed pine trees studded enclosed garden to give it some much needed shade from the sunshine. Rachel wore a stunning dress by French designer Rime Arodaky and  invited Jean Sait from Celebrants In France to officiate their day. Jean added a homely warmth to the proceedings. The tables were beautifully decorated with lavender and lavender soap favours. And each table had it's own themed alcohol and much needed bottle of mosquito repellent! Rachel warned me that just before dinner there is a French tradition  - what can only be described as "swinging the napkin" as a way of introducing the couple before they take their seats for dinner. I have no idea why this happens, but it was brilliant! I loved that everyone got involved, standing on chairs and cheering. It's definitely something that should be introduced over here. But what Rachel didn't warn be about was that their friends are all awesome party animals and love to dance.

Fun, friends, family, food = a perfect wedding. And to Rachel and PM - thank you so much for having me along to your day - it was truly special. I hope you like seeing a few of my favourites! Enjoy, love Sharron xx

Bastide du Puget entranceRachel getting ready at Bastide du PugetRachel getting ready at Bastide du PugetRachel getting ready at Bastide du PugetMoments are so special at weddingsRachel getting ready at Bastide du PugetProvence Wedding Photographer-9Rachel getting ready at Bastide du PugetRachel getting ready at Bastide du PugetProvence Wedding Photographer-15Provence Wedding Photographer-16Provence Wedding Photographer-19Provence Wedding Photographer-21PM at the outdoor ceremonyRachel's entrance at Bastide du PugetProvence Wedding Photographer-24Provence Wedding Photographer-26Provence Wedding Photographer-28Provence Wedding Photographer-29Provence Wedding Photographer-30Provence Wedding Photographer-31Provence Wedding Photographer-32Beautiful detailsProvence Wedding Photographer-34Provence Wedding Photographer-35Provence Wedding Photographer-37The receptionProvence Wedding Photographer-42Provence Wedding Photographer-44Provence Wedding Photographer-45Provence Wedding Photographer-48Provence Wedding Photographer-49Provence Wedding Photographer-50Throwing the bouquetProvence Wedding Photographer-54Beautiful detailsGuestsProvence Wedding Photographer-60Provence Wedding Photographer-61Provence Wedding Photographer-62Provence Wedding Photographer-66Bastide du Puget at nightProvence Wedding Photographer-69Provence Wedding Photographer-70Provence Wedding Photographer-71Provence Wedding Photographer-72Provence Wedding Photographer-73Provence Wedding Photographer-74Provence Wedding Photographer-75Provence Wedding Photographer-76Provence Wedding Photographer-80Provence Wedding Photographer-84Provence Wedding Photographer-85Provence Wedding Photographer-86Provence Wedding Photographer-87Provence Wedding Photographer-89Provence Wedding Photographer-91