15 October, 2014

Relaxed London wedding at The Peasant Pub, Clerkenwell

Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0057

Annie and James organised their wedding in just 8 weeks - which was amazing when you see the beautiful details, dresses and arrangements they had to make. Annie's parents are from Thailand and live in Australia and were planning on visiting for a few weeks in May.

So in March, Annie and James decided to turn it into a wedding - as you do. They knew her parents wouldn't be over again for a while and thought it would be the perfect opportunity. With the help of Annie's super organised bridesmaids, they managed to buy a stunning sample sale dress from Morgan Davies in Islington, shoes, bridesmaids dresses, book the pub well known for it's amazing menu (The Peasant in Clerkenwell) and make hundreds of gorgeous origami cranes as table settings, oh and book me -  all in just 7 weeks! It's amazing what can be achieved when you set your mind to it.

On the day I joined Annie at their flat in Islington, just around the corner from the church - St Peters in De Beavoir Square - and I can honestly say the vicar (also called Sharon!) was one of the loveliest, most welcoming and kindest vicars I have ever met.  It wasn't her normal church to work from - but her calming and helpful nature really put everyone at ease and it was a joy to see her at work. For most of their day, the weather remained grey and overcast. We managed to photograph all the group shots and confetti outside the church before the heavens opened and everyone headed off to the pub. The rest of the afternoon their guests were able to sit outside the pub in bright sunshine. After the yummy food and speeches we had about five minutes - around 7pm - we had the most beautiful sun. You know, my favourite kind of sun - where buildings gleam and skin looks lumionous. I grabbed Annie and James and we headed off for a quick portrait shoot. It was a beautiful, relaxed and fun day, I think it was everything that Annie and James had hoped for - and then so much more!

All the best you two. Enjoy! Sx  

Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0001Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0002Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0003Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0004Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0010Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0007Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0005Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0006Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0008Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0009Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0011Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0012Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0013Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0014Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0015Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0016Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0017Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0018Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0019Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0021Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0022Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0023Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0024Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0025Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0026Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0027Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0028Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0029Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0030Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0031Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0032Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0033Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0034Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0035Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0036Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0037Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0038Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0039Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0040Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0042Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0043Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0044Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0045Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0046Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0047Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0048Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0049Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0050Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0051Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0052Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0053Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0054Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0055Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0056Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0057Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0058Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0059Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0060Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0061Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0062Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0063Annie and James_The Peasant_Pub_Islington_London_Wedding_0064