11 February, 2013

Aria and Tristan: Family Shoot, Bucks

Aria and Tristan are the beautiful children to Anna and Ben. Aria is nearly 3 and Tristan is 10 months. Both have big personalities! Funny, energetic and full of life. On the day we had arranged to do their family photo shoot, it was freezing cold - bitter cold. I knew that time outside was going to be limited, especially with the little ones. But we had some watery winter sun peaking through the windows and I wanted to use as much natural light as possible. The bubble machine was genius, I'll be definitely taking that along to future family sessions!  

Aria_Tristan-21 Aria and Tristan1 Aria and Tristan2 Aria_Tristan-31 Aria_Tristan-35 Aria_Tristan-36 Aria_Tristan-38 Aria_Tristan-52 Aria_Tristan-55