Inspired by life. love and light

Hello there! Welcome to my website. I'm Sharron Gibson, a photographer based in the heart of the UK. I'm a mother, cake baker, and love nothing better to laugh out loud! I truly believe that photographs are so very important - to you, your family and all your future generations. I believe they are your visual history. They capture the briefest moment in time and have the power to transport you back there in an instant. That's what I want to create for you, beautiful, authentic images that are so filled with life and love - and that tell YOUR story.  


My style is based in the ethos of fine art and photojournalism; I'm inspired by the old masters, both painters and photographers. I want your photos to be captivatingbeautiful,  emotive, yet unposed and natural. I’m a former BBC journalist with an MA in Photojournalism, so I’m always on the look out for the human stories and those special, beautiful moments that are filled with love and emotion. 

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